This is simply refinancing your current mortgage debt to your best advantage, most people do this to take advantage of cheaper rates however it can be for many reasons. 

Below are some of the most popular reasons for doing so.

It is important that when "shopping around" for a remortgage that "one size does not fit all".

We match your individual requirements to the best deal available based on your circumstances.

Finding a cheaper rate! Fixed or Tracker?

We search the market on your behalf to find the right product for you. Why stick with your own bank without checking out the competition? We advise which type of deal suits you - fixed rates or trackers, discount loans.

Most lenders offer attractive incentives such as free valuations and free legals, and some even offer cashback.

Debt consolidating

This is the process of incorporating some or all of you unsecured debts i.e. credit cards, loans etc. within your mortgage debt. 

This is something we would look at very carefully to ascertain it was in your best interests.

Unsecured credit is normally over a shorter term than secured and it is therefore not always in your best interest to do so. All our advice is based on your individual circumstances. There are, however, times when consolidating the credit is perfectly justified, especially if the payments are difficult to maintain. Spreading the loans over a longer period will reduce monthly payments and will normally be at a lower interest rate. 

Contact us for a quote or to find out more. We recently refinanced a client paying £ 750/month mortgage and £750/month on credit cards. We added the card debt to the mortgage AND reduced the mortgage term by 3 years for a new TOTAL payment of £ 752! 

Capital Raising

Raising money against the equity in your property can be done for many reasons. 
Divorce is a fact of modern life and many partners would prefer to stay in their current home if they could raise money to "buy out" their ex. We can advise if this is possible or practical.
Home improvements – for example build that extension or dream kitchen or even double glaze the house etc.

Buy to Let & Let to Buy Deposits

Raising cash to fund a deposit of another property is also becoming common practice.
If you want to move home but cannot sell your current home consider raising the deposit on the current home and renting it out on a Let to Buy scheme – see our Buy to Let section! Call us to find out if it could work for you.