Solicitors Costs

Why Shop Around?

We all need to use the services of a solicitor when purchasing or re-mortgaging a property. However, solicitors services vary dramatically in both costs and standards.

We work with several firms who offer value for money and good service. Our close connection to these firms helps to ensure the moving process is as smooth as possible. Average quote for Solicitors forLondon purchases was £ 1000+ VAT + Disbursements + SD. OUR solicitor partners PRICE £ 550 + VAT!!

These firms can also advise on Family Law/divorce & commercial matters.

Call us to arrange a quote.


This is the legal term used for buying and selling property. Our legal partners will price match other quotes and working closely with us helps ensure a smother buying process.


 Solicitors charge a fee for their services. However, there are various standard fees added to this cost for "land searches, land registery fees, office copies etc. These are collectively know as disbursements and are a fixed cost regardless of who the solicitor is. It is the fee charged by the lawyer which makes a difference. We have several legal partners who can will "price match" other quotes to obtain the cheapest price possible. This combined with excellent levels of customer service should ensure a smooth transaction.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a government tax paid when buying property over a certain value. Everyone pays duty on purchases over £ 125000. 2% up to £ 250000. The rate increases in bands above £ 250001-£925001 to 5%  over £ 925K it is 10% and 12% over £ 1.5 million. Extra tax is also due on second property or BTL purchases, ask for details.

We saved over £500 on our legal bill via Jackson Potters' solicitor partners!

J Singh, London